The 2014 Executive Connection Summit Prepares the Office Imaging Industry for the Future

Author: Scott Cullen of ENX Magazine wrote:

Ever wonder what happens when executives from across the office imaging industry spend nearly four days together? Look no further than Scottsdale, Arizona and the Executive Connection Summit to find out.

If you’re the least bit serious about what’s going on in the office imaging industry and about understanding the trends, new technologies, and issues and how they will impact your business, this event should be on your 2015 calendar whether you’re a dealer, OEM, or services or solutions provider.

This year’s Summit featured 15 speakers plus 13 additional speakers in panel discussions as well as the host and creator of the event, Mike Stramaglio, president of MWAi, who did a superb job of tying all the presentations together. As he noted in his opening comments the logic here is to be engaged and that’s exactly what went down.

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